Kolb MKIII Tweaks & Hints

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N420P (4 2 Old Poops) is a Kolb MKIII Classic, a joy-to-fly 2 seat light aircraft. Construction began in March 1995, and the aircraft first flew in October of 1996. Other than the shape of the rudder, squared off to cosmetically match the rest of the tail, the aircraft was built to plans, but has since undergone a number of minor modifications to enhance comfort and performance. It is based at an 800' grass strip, and operates very comfortably, solo or dual, from that size runway. The aircraft stalls solo at 27-28, dual at 32-33. (Love those vortex generators!) Normal cruise speed is anywhere between 50 and 80 at 4500-6000 rpm, full throttle level flight is around 85 mph at 6400 rpm. The Rotax 65 hp 582 ( B gearbox, 2.58:1 reduction) with 2-blade 68" Ivoprop uses 4 gph at 60 mph & 5000 rpm, and around 5 gph at 75 mph & 5800 rpm. Empty weight is 525 pounds with a full electrical system, 720 channel radio, transponder, mode C, intercom, and a ballistic parachute, and is day/night VFR legal.

Article & Picture Index

  15 Gallon Fuel Tanks

  Throttle, Brakes, Switches, Intercom & Radios

Pitot Tubes & Lighter Ailerons

  The Need For Speed...

  Wingtip Navigation Lights

Hobbs Switch & Aileron Hinge

  Fine Tuning the Flaps

  Trim Tabs & Wheel Pants

Quieter Prop

 Vortex Generators

Door Braces

 Landing Light & Antenna

 Intake Silencer

Kolb Firestar II Tweaks and Hints

N582EF (Ed's Firestar) was a combined project between Ed Martin, Vince Nicely and myself. It has a Rotax 582, numerous convenience items that Vince has figured out from his years as the builder/pilot of a FSII, and several things that have been thought of over the years after simply having hung around a lot of Kolbs, and wanting to try out some new ideas and see how they work. Maybe some of them will be food for thought.

 Wallyworld/Temperfoam Seat

 Structural Mods for a Rotax 582

Heavy Aileron Fix 

 ELT, Hotbox, Battery & Trim

 Radio and GPS Mounting

 Door Latch

 Panel & Switches

Vortex Generators

Muffler and Exhaust Mods

 Elevator Incidence Brackets

 Extra Fuel

Mountain Empire Sport Flyers

Principles of 2-Stroke Jetting, & Reading The Plugs

More Pictures: N420P & Friends

Quick & Easy Hangar

Old Kolb Plans For MKIII Doors & Rear Lexan Enclosure

Poor Man's Gascolator & Safety Wire Hose Clamps

Prop Pitch Checker

Rib Stitching